This is a photo blog dedicated to Homestuck, that post only photos taken by rookies. Just lying! This is actually a blog dedicated to Magical Girls--nah, just lying!
This is really a blog dedicated to the manga about good hearted schoolboys in Shoujikimono Uzume! nah, I'm lying again!
Itsuwaribito Utsuho is a manga about Utsuho, who saves people with good lies.

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2048: Itsuwaribito Edition


Have you seen the game called 2048? I couldn’t help but make an Itsuwaribito edition of it.

I’ve reached as far as Hikae, tell me how far you get. It’s really addicting sob

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Iinuma Yuuki blog translation


On the 5th, Iinuma-sensei had some news for us. Here’s a translation of the blog entry about it.

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