This is a photo blog dedicated to Homestuck, that post only photos taken by rookies. Just lying! This is actually a blog dedicated to Magical Girls--nah, just lying!
This is really a blog dedicated to the manga about good hearted schoolboys in Shoujikimono Uzume! nah, I'm lying again!
Itsuwaribito Utsuho is a manga about Utsuho, who saves people with good lies.

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hey i've seen your posts and i think they're nice! pardon if i asking you anonymously, i dont have any account. so i want to ask you where can i read thee ntire itsuwaribito chapters (until the last chapter) because i've been waiting so long. if you know any free read link, could you send me the link? i,ve only read until chapter 124 so read so many spoilers too and what happen to Hikae at the end? did he survived or no? please answer and sorry for bad english thanks! have a nice day

Hello. Unfortunately, there are no places to read the rest online. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the translations like everyone else. 

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